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General PPC & Ecommerce PPC

PPC, or Pay-Per-Click, is like your e-commerce business’s fast track to the spotlight in the digital world. It’s all about those ads that pop up when folks search online. You know, on Google or Bing, and even on social platforms. The cool part? You only pay when someone clicks on your ad. It’s super targeted, which means your ads show up to the right people at the right time. Think of it as a magnet pulling in potential customers who are already interested in what you’re selling. It’s a great way to boost website traffic, ramp up sales, and get your brand name out there, all while keeping a tight rein on your ad spend


Determining the right budget for your PPC campaigns? That’s a bit like figuring out the perfect recipe. We start by understanding your business goals – are we going for brand awareness or driving sales? Then, we look at your industry and competition. How crowded is the market? What’s the going rate for clicks? From there, we factor in your past campaign data, if available, to see what’s worked before. It’s a mix of strategy, experience, and a bit of number-crunching to find that sweet spot where your investment meets your expectations.

Boosting ROI in Google Shopping campaigns? It’s all about precision. We kick off by cherry-picking those keywords and product categories that your customers are searching for. Think of it as putting the spotlight on your best products. Then, we make sure your product listings are top-notch – great images, compelling descriptions, the works. We also keep a close eye on your product feed, ensuring it’s always up-to-date and optimized. It’s like continuously polishing your shop window to attract the right buyers and turn those clicks into cash.

PPC and SEO? They’re like the dynamic duo of digital marketing. While SEO is playing the long game, getting you organic traffic and building your brand’s credibility, PPC swoops in with its superpowers of instant visibility. It puts you right at the top of search results, grabbing immediate attention. Plus, the insights we get from your PPC campaigns – like which keywords are bringing in the gold – can feed right back into your SEO strategy. It’s like having a feedback loop that keeps making both your PPC and SEO stronger.

Measuring the success of a PPC campaign? That’s all about hitting the right numbers and seeing the impact. We look at a bunch of metrics – click-through rates (CTR), conversion rates, ROI, you name it. But it’s not just about the data; it’s about what it means for your business. Are you getting more sales? Are people talking about your brand more? We keep an eye on all these aspects, tie them back to your goals, and adjust our strategies accordingly. It’s like a constant game of detective, figuring out what works best for you

What sets us apart in e-commerce PPC? Well, it’s our tailor-made approach. We don’t just run generic campaigns; we dive deep into what makes your e-commerce business tick. Our team’s knack for pinpointing what your audience loves, combined with our expertise in Google Shopping and Performance Max, really brings in the results. Plus, being a Google CSS partner? That’s the cherry on top, giving us and, by extension, you, an edge in the marketplace. It’s like having insider knowledge in the world of PPC

The time frame to see tangible results from PPC campaigns can vary based on several factors, including the competitiveness of your industry, the effectiveness of your ad creatives, and the optimization of your landing pages. Generally, some level of initial campaign data and performance insights can be observed within a few weeks of launch. However, more substantial and meaningful results, such as increased conversions or significant ROI improvements, typically become evident after consistent optimization and strategic adjustments over a period of 1-3 months.

As a Google Partner, JudeLuxe offers several unique advantages and insights to e-commerce clients:


  • Early Access to New Features: We often get early access to Google’s beta features, allowing your campaigns to leverage cutting-edge tools and strategies ahead of the competition.
  • Expertise in Google Products: Our team has demonstrated expertise in Google’s advertising products, ensuring proficient use of Google Ads, Google Shopping, and Performance Max for your campaigns.
  • Adherence to Best Practices: Being a Google Partner signifies our commitment to Google’s best practices, ensuring high-quality campaign management and optimization.
  • Insights and Support from Google: We receive direct support and insights from Google, which aids in strategic planning and problem-solving for your campaigns.

These advantages enable us to provide superior campaign performance and innovative strategies tailored to the evolving e-commerce landscape.

Commercials & Pricing

Our PPC management services offer several pricing models to accommodate different business needs and goals. These include:


  • Performance-Based Pricing: A fee calculated as a percentage of the revenue generated from the campaigns.
  • Flat Fee: A fixed monthly charge for ongoing management and optimization of your PPC campaigns.
  • Tiered Pricing: Varies based on the scale of your ad spend or the complexity of your campaigns
  • Customized Pricing: Tailored specifically to your business needs, considering factors like campaign size, complexity, and specific services required.

Each model is designed to provide flexibility and align with various business strategies and budget considerations.

Absolutely, we offer customised service packages to precisely fit your specific e-commerce needs. Our approach involves understanding your unique business objectives, target audience, and market dynamics. Based on this, we tailor our PPC strategies, including campaign structure, targeting, and creative development, to align with your goals. Whether you require a focused campaign for a niche product or a broad strategy for a diverse product range, we can adapt our services to meet your requirements.

During a PPC campaign with our agency, you can expect comprehensive support including strategic planning, continuous campaign monitoring, and regular optimisations based on performance data. We provide detailed reporting on campaign progress and are readily available for any queries or adjustments you may need. Our team stays in close communication to ensure your campaign aligns with your business goals and adapts to any market changes for optimal performance.

JudeLuxe’s performance-based pricing model is designed to align our success with that of our clients. Specifically, we charge a fee based on a percentage of the net revenue generated from the PPC campaigns we manage. For instance, with the 3% model, our fee would be 3% of the total revenue directly attributed to these campaigns. This structure motivates us to continuously optimize and improve your campaigns for maximum revenue generation, as our remuneration is directly linked to your success.

The typical minimum PPC budget for effective results can vary depending on your goals and industry. However, as a guideline, we often recommend a minimum monthly budget of around £1,000 for e-commerce clients. This allows for a balanced approach to targeting and ad spend, helping you achieve meaningful results without spreading the budget too thin. Keep in mind that the competitiveness of your industry and the specific goals of your campaigns can influence the recommended budget.

Google Shopping & Performance Max.

Google Shopping is a specialized service allowing users to search for, view, and compare products directly in the Google search engine. Unlike standard PPC adverts, which primarily use text-based ads, Google Shopping displays product listings with images, prices, and product descriptions. This visual format is particularly effective for e-commerce, as it showcases products more vividly and directly appeals to potential buyers, often leading to higher click-through and conversion rates.

“Google Performance Max is a goal-driven campaign type that leverages Google’s machine learning to optimize ad performance across all Google networks, including Search, Display, YouTube, and Gmail. For your e-commerce store, Performance Max can significantly enhance campaign reach and efficiency by finding the best-performing audiences across these platforms. It streamlines campaign management and helps in driving conversions, whether that’s increasing online sales, leads, or in-store visits, by automatically adjusting bids and placements based on your specified goals.

To optimize product feeds for improved performance in Google Shopping, JudeLuxe focuses on ensuring high data quality and relevance. This involves meticulously refining product titles, descriptions, and images to be clear, accurate, and keyword-rich. We also regularly update the feed to reflect current inventory and pricing. Additionally, we implement structured data and relevant attributes to enhance product visibility and appeal, thereby increasing click-through rates and conversions.

JudeLuxe employs a range of tailored strategies for Google Shopping and Performance Max campaigns. For Google Shopping, we focus on optimizing product feeds, using high-quality images, and crafting keyword-rich product descriptions. In Performance Max campaigns, we leverage AI-driven insights to optimize bidding, audience targeting, and ad placements across Google’s networks. Both approaches are aimed at maximizing visibility, engagement, and conversions, while ensuring cost-effectiveness and high ROI.

Comparison Shopping Services - CSS.

Comparison Shopping Services (CSS) are platforms that allow retailers to list and compare their products with others. In integration with Google Shopping, CSS partners, like JudeLuxe, can display product listings on the Google Shopping tab. This integration expands the reach of product ads, offering more visibility beyond a retailer’s individual website. By leveraging CSS, businesses can benefit from increased traffic and potentially lower costs in their Google Shopping campaigns.

As a Google CSS Partner, JudeLuxe leverages this status to benefit e-commerce PPC campaigns by accessing more competitive cost-per-click rates and broader ad placements. This partnership allows us to showcase your products more prominently in Google Shopping, increasing visibility and potentially reducing advertising costs. Additionally, we utilise exclusive insights and tools available through this partnership to optimize your campaigns for better performance and higher ROI.

Campaign Management and Targeting

Absolutely, JudeLuxe specialises in managing PPC campaigns for businesses with niche product ranges. Our approach involves in-depth research into your specific market segment, identifying unique customer personas, and crafting highly targeted campaigns. By focusing on relevant keywords, customized ad creatives, and precise targeting strategies, we ensure that your niche products effectively reach and resonate with the intended audience, maximizing ROI.

Yes, JudeLuxe is well-equipped to manage PPC campaigns for international markets from the UK. We utilize a combination of market-specific research, localization strategies, and cultural insights to tailor campaigns to each target region. Our expertise in global market trends and multilingual ad management enables us to effectively reach and engage diverse international audiences, ensuring successful campaign outcomes regardless of geographical boundaries.

For seasonal products or promotions, JudeLuxe adopts a proactive and strategic approach. We begin by analyzing historical data and market trends to anticipate demand. Campaigns are then tailored to align with seasonal peaks, ensuring maximum visibility during key periods. We also adjust bidding strategies and optimize ad creatives to resonate with the seasonal messaging, thus enhancing engagement and conversions during these crucial times.

Agency Service & Reporting

JudeLuxe’s emphasis on face-to-face interactions fosters stronger, more personalised client relationships, leading to a deeper understanding of each business’s unique needs and goals. This approach allows for tailored campaign strategies that closely align with client objectives, resulting in more effective and successful PPC campaigns. Direct communication enhances responsiveness and adaptability, ensuring campaigns are quickly refined for optimal performance and results.

Scenario specific questions.

Missing GTINs in your product feed? No sweat, we’ve got you covered. GTINs are like the ID badges for your products in Google Shopping, and having them missing can be a hiccup. We’ll dive into your feed, identify the gaps, and help you get those GTINs in place. It’s a bit like detective work, but we’re pros at it. With complete and accurate GTINs, your products will be more visible and appealing in Google Shopping, giving your performance a nice little boost.

Got low conversion rates on Google Shopping? Let’s sort that out. We’d start by giving your product feed a thorough check – it’s crucial to have top-notch images, accurate product titles, and descriptions that really engage UK shoppers. Next, we’ll review your product categorisation and targeting. Sometimes, it’s about tweaking your audience segmentation or revising your pricing strategy. Think of it as fine-tuning each piece of your Google Shopping puzzle, ensuring that when shoppers click, they’re more likely to make a purchase.

Dealing with high cost-per-clicks? We can definitely help with that. Our strategy is all about finding that sweet spot where you’re not overspending, but still getting great results. We’d take a good look at your bidding strategy, maybe there’s room for more efficient bid management. Then, we’d optimize your ad relevance and Quality Score – they’re key to getting better ad positions for less money. And, of course, we’d fine-tune your targeting to make sure you’re hitting the right audience. It’s like recalibrating your campaign to get more bang for your buck.

Having trouble with your product ads not showing up as expected in Google Shopping? We’re on it! It’s like being a detective for your ads. We’ll dive deep into your product feed, checking everything from product titles and descriptions to images. Then, we’ll review your bid strategy to make sure it’s competitive. It could be a case of improving your ad relevance and Quality Score, or maybe it’s about optimising your targeting. Our goal is to get your products in the spotlight where they belong, driving more clicks and sales

Noticing some data discrepancies in your PPC campaign? Don’t worry, we’re sticklers for accuracy. We start by setting up robust tracking systems to capture every click, conversion, and interaction. Then, we regularly audit the data to catch any anomalies. Our team’s on top of it, making sure the numbers add up. It’s like having a watchful guardian for your data, ensuring it’s reliable and ready to guide our campaign decisions.

New to Performance Max campaigns? We’re here to be your guide! Think of it as embarking on a new adventure. We’ll start by setting up your campaigns with precision – aligning them with your goals for maximum ROI. Then, it’s all about leveraging Google’s AI magic to optimise your bids, audience targeting, and ad placements across various Google networks. It’s like having a GPS for your campaigns, steering you towards the best ROI

Managing a broad product range? No problem, we’ve got a strategy for that. It’s like conducting an orchestra of products. We start by categorizing and segmenting your inventory to create tailored feeds. Each product gets its moment in the spotlight with unique titles, descriptions, and keywords. It’s all about fine-tuning, making sure every product shines. Plus, we regularly update and optimise your feed to keep up with market trends. It’s like keeping a well-tuned engine for your diverse inventory.

As an international e-commerce business, targeting can be a puzzle. But we’ve got the pieces to solve it. Our strategy is all about understanding each market’s nuances and tailoring campaigns accordingly. We do in-depth market research, adapt ad creatives for cultural relevance, and fine-tune targeting to reach the right audience in each region. It’s like speaking the language of your global customers, ensuring your PPC campaigns resonate and deliver results across borders.

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