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Product Feed Optimisation

Optimise Your Product Feeds: Expert Strategies for Peak Performance in Google Shopping.

What we do

Excelling in product feed optimisation: we create tailored, high-performance feeds for your unique e-commerce needs. Our approach prioritises in-depth analysis and customisation, ensuring your products stand out in any online marketplace. By leveraging market insights and continuous testing, we craft feeds that boost visibility and sales. Our strategies focus on enhancing product listings for maximum revenue and profit growth, moving beyond standard solutions to deliver exceptional e-commerce results.


In our pursuit of excellence in product feed optimisation, we go beyond standard practices. We meticulously align product attributes with market trends and customer preferences, ensuring that every aspect of your product feed – from pricing to product specifications – is finely tuned for optimal performance. This strategic alignment allows for higher product ranking in searches, enhancing visibility and attracting the right customers. We also implement dynamic pricing strategies and seasonal adjustments to keep your offerings competitive and relevant. Our continuous monitoring and analytics-driven adjustments ensure your product feeds are not just optimised once, but are constantly evolving to meet the ever-changing demands of the e-commerce landscape, thereby securing sustained growth and profitability for your business.





Product Feed Experts

When you collaborate with us for product feed optimisation, you’ll work closely with a dedicated expert who specialises in enhancing and managing your e-commerce product feeds from the outset.

With substantial experience in optimising product feeds for Google Shopping and other e-commerce platforms, we have a deep understanding of the nuances and requirements for effective product presentation online. Our team stays ahead of the curve, constantly adapting to the latest e-commerce trends and updates, ensuring your product feeds are always optimised for maximum visibility and performance.


We’re committed to delivering exceptional results, helping clients like you achieve significant improvements in product discovery and sales.

Improve your feed.

A well-optimised feed can enhance the visibility of your products, draw in the ideal audience, and ultimately boost sales.

Utilising our extensive product feed knowledge, we harness your current product data to optimize and construct a high-quality product feed tailor-made for Google Merchant Center.

“These guys are brilliant at what they do and really know their stuff. They are also Google Certified and one of very few google shopping experts. I have worked with them for some time and they are always super helpful. What is best about them is that they are more than happy to work on a basis where they get paid on results!”

How We’re Different

PPC Experts.

At our core, we are PPC trailblazers, fully immersed in the art of propelling your Google Shopping campaigns to unprecedented heights. We’re not here to dabble in everything; instead, we focus on our mastery. SEO, content, or PR? Not our domain. What you can count on from us are robust, unwavering results that you can rely on.


We thrive on experimentation, whether it’s pioneering new and innovative campaign structures or optimising your feed. Our ‘test and learn’ philosophy ensures we’re always in motion, ceaselessly enhancing your campaigns through ongoing testing plans. Stagnation is not in our vocabulary; we’re committed to driving constant improvement in your advertising efforts.

Bespoke Approach

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all templates. Instead, our bespoke strategies are meticulously crafted to align with your distinct business objectives and target audience. We embrace a comprehensive approach, guaranteeing that your Google Shopping campaigns yield the finest results.

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