Ever wondered which search queries turn the wheels of Google’s revenue machine? Recent findings shed light on this enigma, revealing that in the realm of paid search, certain queries are more than just questions—they are high-stakes bids in a digital marketplace. For one transformative week in September 2018, ‘iPhone’, ‘insurance’, and ‘cheap flights’ were not just popular searches—they were gold mines for Google in the U.S. At JudeLuxe, we’re delving into this revelation to uncover strategies that businesses can leverage for PPC success.

The Revelation from the Courtroom

A slide, shrouded in redactions and presented as part of the evidence in the ongoing U.S. vs. Google antitrust trial, divulged a list of search terms that filled Google’s coffers to the brim for a week in 2018. Why does this matter? For businesses and marketers, this information is akin to finding a treasure map—knowing which keywords are the most profitable can redefine an advertising strategy.

Google’s Goldmine: The 20 Most Profitable Searches

The disclosed list reads like a who’s who of consumer and corporate spending habits. From the iPhone 8’s release frenzy to the ever-present quest for affordable travel and the necessity of insurance, these queries highlight consumer priorities and anxieties. Here’s a breakdown of the top earners and what their CPC dominance tells us.

  1. iPhone 8
  2. iPhone 8 plus
  3. auto insurance
  4. car insurance
  5. cheap flights
  6. car insurance quote
  7. direct tv
  8. online colleges
  9. at&t
  10. hulu
  11. iPhone
  12. uber
  13. spectrum
  14. comcast
  15. xfinity
  16. insurance quotes
  17. free credit report
  18. cheap car insurance
  19. aarp
  20. lifelock

Why Keywords Like ‘iPhone’ and ‘Insurance’ Reign Supreme

It’s no coincidence that terms like ‘iPhone 8’, ‘auto insurance’, and ‘cheap flights’ command top dollar. These searches signal high intent and conversion potential, making them highly coveted in the PPC world. But high CPCs also mean fierce competition. At JudeLuxe, we’ve honed strategies that help businesses stand out without solely relying on deep pockets.

Leveraging High-Value Keywords in Your PPC Campaigns

While it’s tempting to dive into the deep end and bid on these lucrative terms, a nuanced approach is key. We advocate for a balanced strategy that combines these high-value keywords with long-tail alternatives, ensuring a broad coverage that maximises both reach and ROI.

The Evolution of Search Revenue: From 2018 to 2022

Google’s revenue growth from $116.46 billion in 2018 to $224.47 billion in 2022 is nothing short of spectacular. This growth trajectory is not just a testament to Google’s market grip but also reflects evolving search behaviors. We at JudeLuxe stay ahead of these trends, ensuring our clients’ campaigns are always at the cutting edge.

The JudeLuxe Advantage: Staying Ahead in a Competitive Digital Landscape

With these insights, our agency, JudeLuxe, crafts PPC strategies that transcend the ordinary. We understand that knowledge of the most profitable keywords is just the start. The real magic lies in crafting campaigns that leverage this insight with precision and creativity.

The revelation of Google’s most profitable search terms offers a rare peek into the search giant’s revenue engine. For businesses, this knowledge is power—the power to optimise, to strategise, and to outperform. At JudeLuxe, we’re committed to transforming these insights into tangible results for our clients.

Are you ready to capitalise on these insights and redefine your PPC campaigns? Contact JudeLuxe today, and let’s turn these high-stakes keywords into your competitive advantage.


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